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Jewish Birmingham

The Jewish infrastructure in Birmingham is surprisingly robust for a community of our size. We have an eiruv, Kosher meat and cheese in the supermarket, as well as a JCC, a Community Day School, and Jewish Family Services. Birmingham also has an extremely active Jewish Federation and Jewish Foundation. For details check out the info below.


Visitors should contact the Rabbi. There are hotels but outside the eiruv and a considerable walk for Shabbat. 

If you are moving to Birmingham, please let us know so that we can welcome you with open arms and make sure that all your needs are met. When considering housing, you might wish to look inside the eiruv
There are two apartment complexes with long term rentals inside the eiruv:
Crowne at Overton Village
Chateau Orleans

Also check out the following links for
Homes for sale inside the eiruv.
Homes for rent inside the eiruv (double check addresses for apartment complexes).

If you find something near the edge of the eiruv but outside, please ask the Rabbi about the feasibility of expanding the eiruv to include the property.

Kosher Birmingham

Crestline Bagel: Uncut bagels are kosher parvechallot are kosher parve. Under the Hashgacha of Chabad of Alabama.


Publix: kosher canned goods, frozen items, chicken, some bakery items as well as some other kosher products. You can purchase par-baked bread from the bakery section and finish the cooking at home in your own oven.


Sexton Fish Market: Have a kosher only knife and cutting board. Make sure that you select a kosher species of fish in addition to mentioning the kosher knife.


Trader Joe's: Many kosher items, including baked goods, some cheeses, sweets, snacks, and frozen items.


Whole Foods: Various kosher items, especially kosher parve and gluten free, as well as challot.  Many of the bulk items are kosher. Ask to see the kosher binder, which is kept under the bulk spices.


Winn Dixie: kosher canned goods as well as parve baked goods.


The KI Kitchen has microwavable meals, as well as pizza available for purchase from the office.


We encourage community members to get their meat from a local source when possible. When not possible:


Griller's Pride: Delivered from Atlanta to the Shul parking lot once monthly. They carry sausage and some cuts of rare meat.

Jewish Professionals

Mohelim/Sofrim/Shatnez Checker

Rabbi Ariel Asa - Mohel/Sofer/Shatnez Checker (Atlanta)

(404) 271-8672


Rabbi Shmuel Khoshkerman - Mohel (Atlanta)

404-636-0468 (home)

404-315-9020 (work)

770-839-2722 (pager)

Other Jewish Organizations

Jewish Agencies

Birmingham Jewish Federation (205) 879-0416

Birmingham Jewish Foundation (205) 879-0416

Levite Jewish Community Center  (205) 879-0411

Collat Jewish Family Services  (205) 879-3438

Holocaust Education Committee (205) 795-4176

N.E. Miles Jewish Day School (Grades K-8) (205) 879-1068

Shalom Birmingham Newcomer Services (205) 879-0416


Erin Arnold -

Julie Stein -



Israel Related

AIPAC - Atlanta: (770) 541-7610 

Israel Bonds:  (800)  752-564 

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